Unlimited Distribution of Fresh Hazelnut at Market Price

Hazelnut is a rich dietary source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It contains a higher concentration of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) than other nuts, hazelnut market price is 4042.51 us in New York and Washington.

 Unlimited Distribution of Fresh Hazelnut at Market Price

How to Distribute Hazelnut in Bulk at the Best Price

How to Distribute Hazelnut in Bulk at the Best Price The main hazelnut bulk price producing countries are Turkey, Italy, Spain, USA and Greece. Although hazelnut is also produced in the Former Soviet Union, Iran, Romania and France, these countries do not have a major input in the world hazelnut trade. Turkey is the first world hazelnut producer and exporter. In addition, it covers approximately 70 percent and 82 percent of the world`s production and export respectively. It is followed by Italy with nearly 20 percent in production and 15 percent in export. The world hazelnut production shows fluctuations depending on the climatic conditions from year to year. Overall, world production has increased in parallel with Turkey’s production. While Turkey’s average inshell production is 350-400 000 t, this value has reached up to 500 000 t in recent years. The production of Italy and Spain, additional important producing countries, varies between 100-125 000 and 15-25 000 t respectively. The USA consumes most of its own hazelnut production and also imports hazelnut kernel for the industry to meet its home demand. However, it has become a table hazelnut exporting country by increasing its production in recent years (25 000 t). Among the producing countries, hazelnut consumption per person and year is highest in Italy (0.520 kg kernel/person). According to 1993 data, Greece is second (0.369 kg kernel/person) and Turkey is third (0.250 kg kernel/person). Worldwide, the highest hazelnut consumption per person and year is reached in Switzerland (2.096 kg kernel/person). Switzerland is followed by Austria, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

Useful pointst for hazelnut distribution

Useful pointst for hazelnut distribution Assessing and describing genetic diversity in crop plants is a crucial first step towards their improvement. The European hazelnut, Corylus avellana, is one of the most economically important tree nut crops worldwide. It is primarily produced in Turkey where rural communities depend on it for their livelihoods. Despite this knowledge about hazelnut’s domestication history and the genetic diversity it holds, the use double digest Restriction-site Associated DNA (ddRAD) sequencing to produce genome-wide dataset containing wild and domesticated hazelnut, the uncover patterns of population structure and diversity, determine levels of crop-wild gene flow and estimate the timing of key divergence events, thre genetic clusters of cultivars do not reflect their given names and that there is limited evidence for a reduction in genetic diversity in domesticated individuals.Admixture has likely occurred multiple times between wild and domesticated hazelnut. Domesticates appear to have first diverged from their wild relatives during the Mesolithic.

Without intermediaries Distribution of the Best Hazelnut

Without intermediaries Distribution of the Best Hazelnut Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe in the northern hemisphere and has coast on three sides. Hazelnut is one of the most important nut crops in the world and has its origins in the centre of Anatolia. Wild species are found in Anatolia which have provided the source for today’s cultivated varieties. Hazelnut is grown in both the eastern and western regions of Turkey along the Black Sea, in areas where the soil is unsuitable for other crops and on sharply sloping soils (steeps higher than 20 percent). An additional benefit for hazelnut growing areas with high rainfall, is the crop’s ability to prevent soil erosion. Approximately two to three million growers (5 percent of the nation’s population) depend on hazelnut growing for their income and it is therefore easy to understand the strategic value of hazelnut production in the social and economic structure of this region. Turkey to date, is so far the world’s leading hazelnut producer, accounting for about 72.9 percent of the total world supply. About 60 percent of the crop is produced in the Eastern Black Sea Region,hazelnut in shell price 15 percent is produced in the Central Region and the remaining 25 percent is produced in the Western Black Sea Region.

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