Top Walnut Kernels Supplier with Amazing Wholesale Price

Walnut kernels wholesale price usually varies according to their quality. The importer of walnut kernels tries to meet the very high needs of the market by importing this product to the country. One of the uses of imported walnut kernels is to cook Fosanjan food. In fact, since Fosanjan is one of the most popular foods among all Iranians, the consumption of walnut kernels for cooking has also increased.

Top Walnut Kernels Supplier with Amazing Wholesale Price

Pros and Cons of Starting Walnuts Exportation

Pros and Cons of Starting Walnuts Exportation Exporting Giri walnuts and buying and selling this nutritious fruit in Iran has been a bit challenging in recent years. As you know, walnut is one of the nuts and dried fruits that has a very high nutritional value. If you look at the statistics recorded in the import and export of walnuts, the first concept that seems much more prominent is the changes in the price of walnuts in line with the price of currency and the dollar.

All agricultural and horticultural products exported and exported from Iran are affected by the price of the dollar. It is interesting to know that the price of the walnut kernel and the price of walnut with skin are very different. Meanwhile, the import and export of walnut seedlings also have a well-known position in this market.

In recent years, the import of walnuts has been banned. The reason for these rules is quite clear. The price of imported walnuts and their quality is not comparable to walnuts produced in Iran. On the other hand, the export of foreign walnuts causes problems for the high-quality Iranian walnut market and its price increases.

Importing or exporting walnuts has different prices depending on whether it is in the form of walnuts with walnut skin or kernels. This factor is one of the first factors affecting the export price of walnuts. Different types of walnuts bear fruit in different seasons of the year. You can find quality walnuts in the market in all seasons. The price of walnuts is determined according to the same harvest season.

The best and most quality Iranian walnut is Tuyserkan walnut from Hamedan, which is produced in a significant volume every year and is offered to domestic markets throughout the country. Tuyserkan walnut export is a source of income for gardeners in these areas.

Walnut kernels can be considered one of the most valuable food products; Because it is at a high level both in terms of nutritional value and properties, and in terms of quality and price, it is on par with other top edible products. This product accounts for a large percentage of consumption among Iranian cuisines, and for this reason, special attention is paid to it for purchase.

In recent months, despite some reasons, the price of walnut kernels has increased dramatically. Therefore, it may be a little difficult for buyers to access walnut kernels at a reasonable price or a price commensurate with the previous price. To solve this problem, some nut supply centers, including walnut kernels, have taken measures so that minimum discounts can be given to buyers in purchasing bulk walnut kernels.

Introduction of Walnuts Top Supplier in the Market

Introduction of Walnuts Top Supplier in the Market Demand in foreign markets and online markets to buy Iranian walnuts is another factor that affects the export price of walnuts. High-quality Iranian walnuts are exported to Turkey, Germany, Italy and Iraq. Changes in currency prices and the quality of walnuts are other factors that affect the price of walnuts for export.

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