Exportation of Tasty Badam at Best Price Per Kg

One of the important points in buying and exporting tasty badam is prices. Since these badam are exported both in the form of badam kernels and badam with skin, it is necessary to find the right badam price per kg It can certainly be predicted that the price of badam is cheaper than the price of peeled badam. You can prepare and buy quality almonds in person and online from our site and prepare these products in kilograms according to your consumption. Our products are of very high quality.

Exportation of Tasty Badam at Best Price Per Kg

Get Acquainted With the Steps of Exporting Badam

Get Acquainted With the Steps of Exporting Badam Iran has a special place among dried fruit exporters. And our country is in the fifth place in the world production of this product.

The most important factor in reducing exports of this product should be considered marketing weakness.

There are almost no modified almond orchards in Iran. For this reason, there is no clear and precise sizing that is very popular in global markets.

The low average yield of this product in the country compared to other countries in the world and the export of raw and bulk almonds are the main problems of production and export. Almonds are exported to 26 countries such as Turkey, Persian Gulf countries, India and Germany.

Top exporters of almonds: USA, Spain, Germany, France and Iran. The most important market for Iranian almonds is India. Major almond producing countries include the United States, Africa, Australia, Iran, Spain, Morocco, Syria, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia and China.

1 kg badam price is up to date and varies according to its type.

One of the most important and main points that you should consider when buying raw almond kernels online is the price of almonds in the market.

The price of almond for sale depends on several factors, including peeled almonds or almonds, the quality of the almond kernels, the freshness, the type of packaging, the uniformity of all the almonds in each package, and the weight of the almonds.

What documents are required to export badam

What documents are required to export badam  All export products must meet general standards such as health apples, quality certification and health ratings, and receive a health certificate in specialized laboratories. In addition to these, obtaining specialized licenses and ISOs related to the product can be considered as a competitive advantage and the chance of acceptance in the foreign market for it.

In some nuts, such as almonds, due to the problem of mike and toxins, they have to prove that the level of contamination is not appropriate and harmful.

Hazard Analysis Programs and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is one of the most important tests in the field of nuts and should prove that Salmonella and E. Coli are absent or not exceeded.

It is very important to pay attention to the amount of moisture, size, amount and type of preservatives and quality rating.

In the labels related to export packages, inserting the product name, quality and type of processing, complete product information, grading, year of production, etc. is very important and should be graded. Food safety certificates must be provided for exported nuts. The most common certifications are BRC / FSSC22000 / IFS.

If the nuts are organic and environmentally friendly, you must obtain IFOAM certification for the products.

Exportation of 1kg Badam to the middle east countries

 Exportation of 1kg Badam to the middle east countries The export of first-class almonds in the Middle East is done mainly. There are many types of almonds that can be divided into two general parts: almonds, peanuts.

Exports of first-class almonds in the Middle East and countries such as India, Russia, Turkey are done from Iran. The United States, Spain, Morocco, and Iran are among the countries that produce almonds.

Iran is a producer of high quality almonds due to the vastness and diversity of its climate. First-class almonds are exported, both in the form of nuts and skin. Wholesale almonds are exported raw, roasted, salted, crushed and crushed, in various packages.

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