Buy Tasty Walnuts Price Per Kg

Certainly, American walnuts have a higher price than walnuts that have been produced and supplied in Iran which may be the case for any other foreign product. In any case, it can be stated that the selling walnut price per kg can be offered to customers and buyers in both general and retail markets. Some distribution centers that try to distribute different types of nuts to the market have introduced a new product in the form of walnuts the market which is called American walnut.

Buy Tasty Walnuts Price Per Kg

Reasons to Buy the Best Quality Walnuts

Reasons to Buy the Best Quality Walnuts

Walnut has always been considered by families due to its numerous benefits and properties. Walnuts are used as snacks along with breakfast bread and cheese to nuts and nuts. Its pleasant taste and unique properties for the body have caused people to put it next to their diet in various forms. Wholesale sales of fresh and first-class Tuyserkan walnuts are booming day by day due to their unique features. Due to its excellent taste, Tuyserkan walnut is one of the country’s exported walnuts which is exported to many neighboring countries and other European countries.

Different regions of our country start harvesting walnuts at different times but in general, walnut harvest begins in late September. Thus, autumn is the best time to buy fresh and quality walnuts.

Tips to know when buying black walnuts

Tips to know when buying  black walnuts

Walnuts vary in breed, size, fruiting and skin. Needle and paper walnuts are important types of walnuts that are very much on the market. Paper and needle walnuts can be distinguished from each other in shape and size. Needle walnuts are a type of walnut whose kernel does not separate easily. In this type of walnut, the kernel is embedded in the wood shell due to the many protrusions that the wood shell has.

When broken and detached, the brain is crushed and does not come out completely (quadruple or double). That’s why this type of walnut is cheaper than other types. In needle walnuts, the size of a walnut is smaller than that of a paper walnut, and there is shrinkage at the beginning. Also, as its name suggests, the needle nut becomes sharper at the tip and there is a needle-like state.

Paper walnuts are often rounder than needle walnuts and have clearer skin. In addition, the skin of paper walnuts is less rough and thinner. While the needles have more roughness and high posture. Certainly, paper walnuts are more popular because they break faster and are easier to use. Paper walnuts are usually more expensive, and some vendors mix the two to sell their needle walnuts. Of course, it should be noted that in terms of taste, there may not be a difference between needle black walnuts and other types of walnuts but due to their crushing and difficulty to separate, needle walnuts are not very popular among buyers.

Buy Fresh Walnuts Directly at Best Price

Buy Fresh Walnuts Directly at Best Price

The walnut price per kg with shell depends on the time of purchase, the type of walnut, its taste and its freshness. White walnut usually has more fans and therefore their price is higher than other walnuts. Since the price of walnuts is based on quality and quality, with skin and without skin. Therefore, the walnut price per ton of kernels is more expensive than walnuts with skin.

The supply of the famous and popular Tuyserkan walnut with skin started at the beginning of November and the walnut kernel will be launched with a delay of one month from the beginning of December.

Of course, some farmers also start selling walnut kernels in November, but if you are considering dried walnut kernels, wait a month for the kernels to dry completely because, during this time and the drying process, the weight of the walnut kernels decreases. If you want to buy walnuts with green skin in a fresh way, you can buy them almost every month of the spring special year. Wet walnuts are available in October, so they will carry a lot of weight when sold.

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